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WAITER: Here you have your chimichanga with mole. Sir. There you are.  这是您要的卷饼 加mole, 给你,先生。

MANUEL: Thank you. It looks delicious. 谢谢,看起来味道不错呢。

WAITER: And for you, Ma'am, here you have your beef burrito. There you are.


LUISA: Thank you, Sir. It looks tasty. 谢谢,看起来很好吃的样子哦

WAITER: Bon appetite! 祝您胃口好


ver   vt.  看见, 查看, 拜访, 观看, 了解, 察觉, 理解, 论及

servido,a 给你

sabroso,a  adj.  味道甘美的, 令人愉快的

buen provecho 祝您胃口好