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CLAUDIA: Let us see, how should I cut your hair? 我们看看,我该给你剪什么发型呢?

ALEJANDRO: Well, it can be short, since we are in summer. 现在是夏天,要不剪短吧

CLAUDIA: Oh, I understand, you want me to take it all the way down. 明白了,你要剪板寸

ALEJANDRO: Oh no! I do not want a buzz cut, but just a trim. 不,我不要寸头,就修剪下好了

CLAUDIA: Ok. So then, I am just going to clean it up. 那我就简单修理下了

ALEJANDRO: That is right. 好哒


Sino        conj. 而,而是,除了

Cortar     vt. 切,割,分开,阻断

Pelo         m. 毛,发,绒毛,毛色

Recorte    m. 剪,轮廓

Ras          m. 同水准,同水平

Punta       f. 尖,尖端,端,头